Art Downunder sells handcrafted jewellery, artwork and collectibles.


Hello my future customer and subscriber

All the items you will see are hand made or painted by artists from Australasian or South American ethnicities.

The collection is a spanned over a few years and many artists, from all over the East coast of Australia and Peru.

None of the paintings are framed as there is always the fear of damage by sending frames and glass by Post.

Therefore our paintings are rolled and sent in a mailing tube. All opals are from our fields and mined by the most hard people in the business Australians.  All paintings are unique and original. Such as painting on Rum Bottles old LP records and such.

Earrings were handcrafted from Cuzco, Peru. Necklaces and bracelets from Horcon, Chile, art studios.

I myself enjoy painting Australian wildlife and the outback, and I also cut, shape and polish my own opals. All the opals on sale are from my own collection. We will increase our categories as time goes by to give you a larger range of choice,

As we are going to send out NEWSLETTERS from time to time we would love you to subscribe to our mailing list.  So you will
be informed of all new items coming on line. As well as the latest additions there will be stories of interest and pictures of beauty
from around the world. If space permits even some good humor.

You will also be informed of what is happening on our other sites by links on our NEWSLETTERS. Only a month ago we have
included Christmas wreaths, table decorations and outdoor cut outs, a bit late but there will be a large range to look through for 2014.

I thank You for your patience and hope to see you subscribe.

John Titlbach


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